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My Home Page

This poem i created and dedicated to my soulmate Lieren. We reconnected May 3rd, 2008 and since then we have been inseperable in mind, spirit, soul, heart, and body. Lieren is the best thing that has ever happened to me. This poem is also going to be created into a song, once i find the melody. I love you Lieren, my precious wife.

Lieren's Lyric You are like a song constantly playing in my head the melody floating on the air, feint as a whisper I can still are there calling out to me, baby cant you see youre the inspiration in my life, to get up each and every day a smile that just wont go away and thats why each and every word rings true, the way I feel when Im with you no matter where you are forever near or far You are my lyric...... more than just a word to me you are my thoughts breaking free the emotions deep within set my mind to spin my heart starts pounding it feels like Im drowning ooh please girl you are my savior the one who came in and took control you are the half that makes me whole im in no danger when you are there beside me to protect me and to guide me ohh my girl, my wife you are the sparkle in my eyes and tonight the music of our hearts beat true created with love by me and you this is our song, but you, you are my Lyric.